Pertinent Query – 1

Why is it that BJP always asks for a balance sheet of congress performance from 1947 onwards – or more accurately of 60 years of congress rule? I think Congress came into being around 1885 and so did Hindu Mahasabha [maybe around 1914-15] or RSS [founded in 1920’s]. Now if congress was founded around 1885 then would not be more meaningful to ask about their performance since inception?

Let’s say if congress decides to present a performance card, as BJP continuously ask, I am sure it will be a sheet comprising of lot of bad things as well as good things. Let’s say if congress decide to present such a balance sheet since inception then I am sure it will be account of lot of good things and some bad things.

I think congress should present this balance sheet and so should BJP. I am also sure that just like for congress, for BJP it will not be a pleasant accounting exercise. But I am interested in knowing which one do you think will find it more unpleasant? Congress or BJP??