BETA! TUM RAHOGE GADHHE HI loosely translated as You idiot donkey

You know, not just my father but even my immediate supervisor at workplace is no different from my political leaders. They are all out to make fool out of me. Here’s what happened yesterday in my office while I was in a discussion with my boss who happens to be company owner head last month sales performance.

My Sales performance rose from Rs 40,000 in January to Rs. 48,000 in February 2014. Obviously I was quite pleased with the Rs. 8000 increase. In-fact in my discussion with the owner I also predicted on the basis of the April sales that the total 2014 sales were going to be Rs. 5.76,000, (48000*12 = 5,76,000)

My owner of the company expressed dissatisfaction with the February sales & also gave some explanation. In his trademark style he said, “Son! (He is 43 and I am 35, I think what he actually means is “BETA! TUM RAHOGE GADHHE HI or somewhat, you idiot donkey) you missed considering the seasonal indices of January and February.

“Ok!, but who know what that means, all I know is that it means that I must quickly agree that my performance was not good”; Déjà vu because that’s exactly how I felt last night watching news debates around BPL (below poverty line) numbers. Parties debating for the motion had various statistical quotes to prove everything getting better over the last 4 year & obviously group against the motion had their quotes simply rubbishing ruling party’s claims.

Coming back seasonal indices and my boss, “Son, our seasonal indices for Jan and Feb are 105 and 140 respectively. Hence on the basis of January sales, my estimate of sales for February is 53,333 (40,000 /105 *140 = 53,333). Since your sales for February is 48,000 please note that you are 5,333 less than the estimated sales. Now, tell me is my dissatisfaction justified”

Poor me, “Yes sir. (I agree I am an idiot, stupid donkey)

He then continues, “Son! (Again Son, you now know what it means) while your estimate of annual sale is 5,76000 basis seasonal effect of February my estimate is that our annual sale would be only 4,11,000”

No I am not going to give you computation of 4,11,00. Hope you will find this bewildering without computation. That’s déjà vu again.

He continued, “but Son! Because you are saying that you will be able to give to me annual sale of 5,76,000 I would like to go by your number. LET’S GUN THAT. That’s your new target. I am proud of you & your positive energy. Obviously no Sales incentive for February (considering performance) but future outlook is bright. Right?”

Poor me, “Yes sir. ( I agree I am an idiot, stupid donkey)

This is my story. But you know what, this is not common man’s story. He is not idiot, stupid donkey. He will continue to watch these news debates on evening primetime but when it will come to deciding only one thing will matter, “has there been any change in his life?” If he will not see any change he will vote the ruling party out of power. So beware. Common man is not Stupid, Idiot Donkey

Let not the conspirators win again. I stress upon the operating word “AGAIN”


“You know our secret!” they said to the crusader. They offered him gold not to tell anyone. Crusader refused it. In desperation they told their companions & co-conspirators.

“Throw him in a dungeon” they said. But it was not all that easy now. The crusader had now become a blue eyed boy of the masses. The companions and co-conspirators got in a huddle. One of them said, “Then let the crusader come with us”. The other’s added, “Oh! Yes, let the crusader come with us, we will either drug him like we drugged all his predecessors or will malign him using our age old proven tricks”

Crusader went with them, they supported him, crusader being his true self; slowly started becoming a thorn in all their conspiracies. He relentlessly and tirelessly worked to bring to surface wolfs purposefully hidden beneath sheep’s dress.

Then while the crusader was resting, after all he was a mortal; mortals are bound to make mistakes, the eldest conspirator brought him a glass of drugged wine.

Now from here we can expect two ends:

End one: Crusader knew about their plot but he could not resist the temptation, indulgence, SIN. He like many others before him put the glass to his lips, drank and become one of them.


End two: Crusader knew about their plot, the temptation was beyond his will-power but as he was about to drink his friends, supporters & well wishers helped him fight the temptation.

Now, the real spirit of a mass movement is not just following a leader, it’s about ensuring that no temptation, no indulgence can derail the movement. And if that means confronting a leader & bringing him back to his path the well-wishers must do so.


Condemning a crusader, blaming him of derailing, calling him a traitor, turncoat, and double agent is not going to help. The movement is ours; it’s not about a man it’s about an idea, Idea of corruption free society, country; Idea of my voice being heard. If our crusader needs support extend, if our crusader wants us to keep patience so be it. As they say, “Rome was not built in a day”. And as I propose, “help him, confront him if he goes astray, but lose hope don’t let the movement die, this is our only hope!”

Let not the conspirators win again. I stress upon AGAIN