Part 3- Concluding – Series : My friends Lets take a pledge

As always lets start with summary from the last 2 posts first: 

1. Dis – RESPECT WOMAN 2. PEE Every – Where 3. Traffic Rules  🙂 Rules are meant to be broken. 4. Don’t Vote 

& now the last one that i think is equally important for all of us :


5. Dis -E- courage Entrepreneurship : we have been doing this since time immoral.Primarily because my father continues to remind me as his father did when he was my age & i am sure my grandfather’s father did the same that 9 out of 10 start ups fail within the first year of inception. Just don’t take the risk. The beauty is that only few like me see a silver lining in this statement, “all i have to do is survive the first year”. But that’s me, not all Indians are fools, they like to live by a template, “POLITICIAN KA BETA POLITICIAN, ACTOR KA BETA ACTOR, CHOR KA BETA CHOR….. etc etc”. Hence a template, get a degree, get a job, get a car, get a house, pay EMI, leave money for family, Die. Well, tough but i really want Indians to help me strike through Dis, add “E” to courage and make it encourage Entrepreneurship. Tough – No – Let’s take a pledge

The list is not exhaustive. Maybe next year, may be next month i will add to the list, but currently in my view these are the five most important things that we must change. 

I request you all to kindly continue to add to this list 


Series Part 2 : My friends Lets take a pledge

A quick summary of Part 1 : Dis – Respect Woman & PEE Every-where … we Indians must strike through Dis & Every from our daily routines. Now, let’s move to next two that I want to practice in 2014…

3. Traffic Rules  🙂 Rules are meant to be broken – I am a busy man, i must take this call. My car has power steering & i am good at multitasking… So i will take this call. Seat belts are weapons to be used when my road rage takes over, not to mention that i usually wear well creased shirt.  I honk because i am in a hurry, so much to do in such less time. In 2014  I want Indians to help me strike-through all this & make India a country that understands that Red is to stop (not check if there is a policeman, else accelerate), Orange is to wait (not just push it a little more, you will get through). – tough? – No – Let’s take a pledge 


4. Don’t Vote : Simple, “if i don’t vote government doesn’t represent me. Because all governments are & will always be dishonest unlike me I choose not to vote”…. whatever that means… 2014 is year of elections… & we must vote. I want Indians to help me strike through “Don’t” & just go out and VOTE. We now have option of “None of the above” as well… use that if you none represents you but VOTE –  tough? – NO – Let’s take a pledge 

 To be continued … Please add to the list

Series : My friends Lets take a pledge

The other day, “Sachin Manan” wrote to me … really!!… why are you rolling your eyes?….(just in case you did not notice sachin manan is me myself) this is not the first time … & just to tell you all if you are scorpion you might want to check out “horror-scope”, forecast page of HT city, Sunday 12th January…. it says & so rightly, “Your inner equilibrium is upset…..” …

Here’s a list of things that I want to practice in 2014 because i believe that these are virtues that is going to help India in its journey of becoming a Super Power…. I share the first 2 today…







1. Dis – RESPECT WOMAN : A married friend who’s in a middle of a steaming extramarital affair told me yesterday, “JO PAKDA JAYE VO CHOR” (loosely means: Not Cheating Unless You Get Caught). This shows our mindset which if i have summarize comes out like, “Do not respect woman, treat them like an object. Grope, assault, Rape, exploit & leer at a woman whenever you like. And by the way remember God made this creature to breed our BABY BOYS”…. I want Indians to help me strike-through Dis  & make India a country that Respects its Woman. – tough? – No – Let’s take a pledge

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2 PEE Every – Where : When i gotta pee, i gotta pee… So i will stop my car in the middle of a road, and will contribute in creating much needed work for MCD (Municipal Council of Delhi). & if just to protect my walls I have nicely designed tile of SACRED COW. Check out for graffiti on Roads, footpaths, walls, balconies. ….. I want Indians to help me strike through Every & make India a country that PEE where it is meant to PEE – tough? – No – Let’s take a pledge

to be continued…………… (feel free to add to the list)